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"But how much will it cost?"

There are options when it comes to funding your case...

When you call to discuss your case and book an appointment, we will discuss with you whether you may be eligible for Public Funding and what documentation you will need in order to apply for this. 

Alternatively there are options to fund your case on a privately paying basis. 



Your solicitor will have an hourly rate that will be charged for time spent on your case. Disbursements may also fall due and these and/or experts' fees will also be discussed with you before they are incurred (as these will be required in advance). 


During our meeting with you we will discuss whether or not a Fixed Fee is more appropriate for your case, rather than traditional hourly rate charging. Any disbursements and/or experts' fees will fall outside of any Fixed Fee. 


Your case may be suitable for a Phased Fixed Fee charging basis. This means that we will provide a Fixed Fee price for each stage of your case, as the case progresses. Each stage of the case will be assessed and quoted for accordingly.

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